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Fuji Xerox Colobind Covers

The Xerox Colobind Cover is a printable glossy cover used to create a prefectly bound document using a thermal binding machine.

The cover is made of Colotech Supergloss 210gsm and has been pre-scored to form the spine. The size of the cover when closed in A4

Xerox Colobind Covers are avilable in a mixed box containing different spine sizes allowing binding of up to 5 different sized documents to a maximum of 120 pages.

Product Name

Part Number
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# of Sheets


Items Dimension (mm)


ColoBind cover 1.5mm spine

1 Cover

421.5mm x 297mm


ColoBind cover 3mm spine

1 Cover

423mm x 297mm


ColoBind cover 6mm spine

1 Cover

426mm x 297mm


ColoBind cover 9mm spine

1 Cover

429mm x 297mm


ColoBind cover 12mm spine

1 Cover

432mm x 297mm