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Fuji Xerox Australia – Supplies Group

Fuji Xerox Australia is committed and responsible for sourcing of paper production and use. By working together with our customers, we removed 136,437 tonnes of CO2-equivalent from the atmosphere.

This equates to 60,995 cars taken off the road for one year, at the same time contributing to the purchase of 81,437 tonnes of rice husk in India. As a total contribution, our product offsetting has facilitated the purchase of greater than $4 million worth of biomass by an Indian biomass plant from its local farming community in Moradabad, India.

In addition to this, we provided a sustainable solution for Cambodian households by purchasing 14,243 energy efficient cook stoves for communities across nine different regions.

Our commitment

We will continue to commit to responsible paper production, procurement and use. We have a long term commitment to improving sustainability performance of our own, our industry and our customers. Our vision is to achieve sustainable outcomes for all stakeholders, along side our valued customers, we look forward to achieving more this year.

What is Carbon Offset?

Carbon offsetting is a voluntary scheme that allows organisations to negate their unavoidable climate change impact by purchasing carbon offsets. Carbon offsets are created by projects (eg wind farms, carbon farming projects or biogas renewable energy plants) that avoid green house gas emissions that would otherwise have occurred under business as usual. Each tonne of greenhouse has (Carbon Dioxide Equivalent: CO2-e) saved by these projects is registered, audited and verified, and sold as carbon offset.

Fuji Xerox Australia support the following offset projects: